is a missions opportunity for LifePointe individuals ages 12+ to partner with YUGO Ministries and help build homes for families in need in Ensenada, Mexico. 
This Summer's trip - July 8-15 -   will be LifePointe's 17th visit to Mexico to build our 19th home and to connect with very dear friends.

Along with building a home, Team Mexico  will share in worship, team building, a little bit of sightseeing, and hopefully a visit to families and friends from previous home builds.

If you are interested in joining Team Mexico for future missions trips, please email us using the form at the bottom of this page.


The Ortiz Barrios Family

Meet Evaleska (mom), and her three children - Josefina (24), Julian (11), and Jesus (8).

Evaleska was born in Veracruz but she moved to Ensenada with her parents when she was very young. Her parents used to sell street food to provide for her and her 4 siblings. Unfortunately, she had to quit High School to look after her siblings while her parents worked in the USA, on and off, for 16 years.

When she turned 26, she was in a relationship but after 6 years, and two children together, they divorced. Although, Evaleska and her father don’t get along; she lives at her parents’ house to save rent money and pays off a piece of land where she, her children, and her youngest sister (whom she took care as a child of her own), can live and call home.

She is currently working in a second hand clothing shop but her financial struggle is great. Her children struggle with their vision and they require treatments and appointments with the eye doctor that are hard to cover financially.

Please be in prayer for the Ortiz Barrios Family and for Team Mexico as they are each preparing for a life-changing week this coming July.

Questions? Send Team Mexico an email and someone will reach out to you.