Currently Lifepointe has a number of ministries that we are actively sponsoring through prayer, volunteer support, and financial sponsorship. We invite you to visit the provided links below and learn more about where at least 10% of our general offerings go. These ministries include efforts such as church planting, Christian camping, and medical missionaries.


Mid-Atlantic Christian University

MACU's mission is to impact the world by transforming ordinary people into extraordinary Christian leaders. Established in 1948 as a response to several local ministers in eastern North Carolina and southeast Virginia, MACU is proud to provided a superior Christian education to thousands of alumni who continue to serve all over the United States and the World.

Christ's Church at Virginia Tech

We believe the college campus is a huge mission field, This campus ministry at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA focuses on reaching the college students by giving them a place where they can establish and grow their faith throughout their collegiate experience. The mission of CCVT is to LOVE God and love others, LEAD students in the grace and love of Jesus, and to raise up kingdom workers who LEAD on campus and throughout the world.

Overland Missions

Overland Missions exists to take the Gospel of Christ to the most remote and forgotten places on earth. They identify  these regions and begin the process to spread the good news of Christ until the Gospel has reached its full effect. This means not just sending missionaries to preach the Word, but deploying a measurable, accountable, and effective strategy to empower the local believers to carry on the mission of spreading the Gospel to them in a sustainable way.  

The Norman Family

In the summer of 2012, LifePointe began partnering with the Norman family, missionaries to Cambodia. They serve with the mission organization Team Expansion to bring the gospel message to the people of Cambodia through medicine. Alan and Judy Norman are both physicians and have also partnered with the Mercy Medical Clinic to care for the sick and injured. Alan and Judy have four children; Hannah, Rachel, Maria & Thomas.  

Waypoint Church Partners

Waypoint Church partners is the fusion of two-like minded organizations, the Virginia Evangelizing Fellowship (which helped plant LifePointe in 2006) and Envision Church Planting (a similar group from North Carolina). Together, Waypoint helps church leaders navigate the challenge of ministry by providing low-to-no cost services and support for an enormous variety of needs. Waypoint Church Partners is all about serving the local church.  

YUGO Ministries

Through YUGO Ministries, LifePointe  has sponsored multiple teams over the past few years to build homes for families in Ensenada, Mexico. By partnering with this non-profit organization, we seek to love, serve, and bring the message of Jesus to those in need throughout Ensanada.  

The Tedeschi Family

Chris and Sonia Tedeschi, and their sons, are serving in a media ministry in Spain to share the gospel with the lost in North Africa and help support believers who live there.

Disciple Makers

Early in 2016, LifePointe began partnering with Disciple Makers in the 10/40 window - an area of the world between 10 degrees and 40 degrees north of the equator filled with great poverty, low quality of life and a lack of access to Christian resources. Their goal is to help plant vibrant, indigenous churches throughout these least reached portions of the world so that all people groups & nations have the opportunity of hearing the Gospel and knowing the person of Jesus Christ.

Team Expansion

The Team Expansion family currently consists of more than 350 full-time adult workers serving in 46 countries in 70 distinct church planting projects. So far God has used their efforts to plant over 600 churches, with over 15,000 individuals baptized into Christ!  LifePointe supports a missionary working within this organization who currently works to build relationships and share the gospel with a sensitive population of refugees here in the United States.

Camp Rudolph

Serving as a Christian camp and retreat center in Yale, Virginia, Camp Rudolph has opened its doors to campers of all ages since 1975. Over the years, LifePointe has supported the camp in a variety of ways - from sending students to summer camp to helping with scholarship programs to providing volunteer project assistance to using the camp for various retreats.