What We Do...

For students, we recognize that middle and high school students need solid relationships. LifePointe has a way for students to connect with each other on a weekly basis all while learning about how God can walk with them through this time in their lives. We call it LifePointe Christian Church Youth Ministry (LCCYM for short).  Within LCCYM, there are several ways to connect:

Weekly LifeGroups - Middle School LifeGroup (6th - 8th grade) meets Sunday morning during the 11 am service.  More details are available HERE. High School LifeGroup (9th - 12th grade) meets on Wednesday nights via Zoom. You can find more details about LCCYM High School LifeGroup HERE.

Sunday Nights - Sunday Nights @ LifePointe - or more commonly known as SNL - happens weekly from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm in the gym at Williamsburg Christian Academy. There will be snacks (everything's $1), games, pickleball, basketball, and Bible Study all while practicing social distancing (masks are to be worn while in the building unless playing 4square, pickleball or outdoor games or when seated for the message or in small group time.)

Monthly MeetUps - Middle School Meet Up (6th - 8th graders) - Schedule Coming Soon; High School Meet Up (9th - 12th graders) - Schedule Coming Soon. Keep an eye on the calendar below for updates.

Check out the upcoming events below for  LCCYM Students. Click HERE to view the LifePointe church calendar.

Upcoming Events

LCCYM LifeGroup Family Time Downloads

As LifePointe moves into the Spring Semester of LifeGroups, LCCYM will be doing the same. A very important part of this semester's group will be conversations for LCCYM Families to during their Weekly Family Time.  Click the link below to download the appropriate Family Conversation Cards for your teens age group. Middle School LifeGroup is 6th - 8th grade and High School LifeGroup is 9th - 12th grade.  

Also, make sure to get signed up to receive the weekly group invites by registering on the LifePointe LifeGroups page HERE. If you have any questions, please EMAIL our student minister, Ryan Dent.

Student Activity Packet

This packet is required for all students participating in LCCYM events. It is good for the current calendar year and can be downloaded HERE. Please fill it out and return to our student minister, Ryan Dent. If you have any questions, feel free to email Ryan.

LCCYM and the Coronavirus

Our LCCYM team has spent the last year working on ways to engage students and help them continue to develop their faith and their friendships while adhering to social distancing protocols. As restrictions are lifted, we will work safely and diligently to return to our regular programming and continue to work with you and your students.

Take just a minute and follow LCCYM INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK as we communicate a LOT through those platforms. And if your student is allowed to, please encourage them to follow us as well.  

Please make sure that our student minister has your email as much of the LifeGroup communication will come directly through email. If you aren't sure or haven't seen recent emails,  just drop an EMAIL to our student minister, Ryan Dent.