Life groups

One key element to LifePointe is our small group ministry we affectionately call LifeGroups. We believe a church thrives on authentic community where people are actively involved in each others lives and where people do life... together.  LifeGroups provide an environment for our people to connect and grow with one another. Our LifeGroups function on a semester system, with two semesters a year. The Fall Semester runs from September through December and the Spring Semester runs from February through May.  Each semester, there are between fifteen and twenty groups that meet on various nights of the week, in different geographical locations, who study different subjects.  Prior to the beginning of each semester, we make a list available to everyone and give them a chance to choose the group that best suits their schedule or has a topic being studied that most interest them.


Every marriage deserves to be invested in. Especially when it has been designed to reflect the relationship of Christ with the Church. At LifePointe, we are very blessed to have a wonderful couple to lead our marriage ministry. Al & Deanna Blackburn spend time enriching couples who desire to take their marriage to the next level.

Women's Ministry

Yes... It's true. Women are from Venus... Men are from Mars. Though we love spending time with "the guys", there is real value in women connecting with other women to share, laugh, encourage, grow and to learn from each other.  This is one of the key reasons why we have a Women's Ministry at LifePointe. This group meets almost every month for a variety of activities including meals, birthday parties, women’s conferences, retreats and more.  Check out their upcoming events and if you have questions, you can reach the Women's Ministry Coordinator by email below.

men's Ministry

Cars. Jobs. Steaks. Kids. Sports. Fishing. Faith. Bills. Relationships. Life is tough enough, why not connect with guys who can encourage you as we go through this life together.  That is why LifePointe has a Men's Ministry that focuses on giving men opportunities to connect with each other.  Whether it is on the football field, at the bowling alley, deep sea fishing, the golf course or simply in someone's home, our Men's Ministry will give you an opportunity to connect with other guys while having a great time.


We believe that God calls all of us to be His hands and feet in our communities and in the world. For that reason, LifePointe has a vibrant outreach program that works hard to meet a variety of needs that exist in our immediate community. Some of these projects are ongoing and some are specific to a time and need. We are always looking for new volunteers and new opportunities to help. If you are interested in helping out and would like more information, click the link below to view the Outreach Ministry page. 


YUGO Ministries has been the home base for LifePointe Christian Church in Ensenada, Mexico since 2008. Currently, we send teams twice a year - one in January and another in July.  These teams help build homes for the local community there as well as spend time revisiting friends and families and sharing in worship with YUGO Ministries.
The next Team Mexico adventure is coming up soon! If you have any questions about the trip, what takes place, or how you can get involved, please do not hesitate to email the Team Mexico Coordinator. Make sure to follow #TeamMexicoLP on Facebook & Instagram to stay up to date with the trips.


The LifePointe CARE Team is a collection of ministries focusing on serving some very particular needs. If you would like to serve on one of these five teams, or are in need of the services from one of these teams, please contact them below. If you have questions, you can email the CARE Team or call the church office for answers. Thanks!
CARD TEAM - Sends cards for various reasons - sympathy, new child, encouragement.
PRAYER TEAM - Prays over submitted requests and in person as necessary.
VISITATION TEAM - Will visit those in need as requested.
MEAL TRAIN - Coordinates meals for short term need - child birth, surgery, etc.
FOOD SUPPORT TEAM - Coordinates a meal for a one-time function like a funeral meal.

Tools for Ministry Team Leaders

If your ministry needs to have a payment sent to a third party, please send us an accurate invoice (correct amount, name, and address of recipient) using the "Disbursement Request Form".
Did you spend some money for your ministry and need to be reimbursed?  Please use the "Reimbursement Request Form" and submit your receipt(s). Allow up to 2 weeks for payment.
Do you want an upcoming event, ministry need, or ministry news publicized in our bulletin, website, social media, or all of the above?  Please submit your request by completing "Event Promotion Request".