The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

Mar 13, 2022    Phillip Murdock

"I am just too busy" is probably the number one statement I hear from people today. The pursuit to find a "slow week" or a "slower season" sounds like we are hoping for something we know will never actually come but it makes us feel better saying it, nonetheless. What if I told you that business and hurry is one of the most clever and efficient tools of the devil? What if I told you that we have more free time at our disposal today than any generation ever in the time of human history? We don't need more time (we would just waste it anyway), we need to SLOW DOWN! But how do we do that? Well, as with anything else in life, we begin our search by looking to Jesus. Join us for a four-week series based on the best-selling book, "The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry" by John Mark Comer. Join us during this series as we discover the Biblical methods and principles we all need in order to slow the pace of life and focus on what is truly important.