48 meals.  

24 families.  

4 hotels. 

December 15.

Help LifePointe deliver 48 meals to 24 families in four local hotels (The Pineapple Inn, Howard Johnson, Travelodge, Motel Zuma). You’ll choose a CrockPot recipe, purchase the ingredients, print the recipe and put it all in a bag - one meal per bag. If you are providing more than one meal, it can be the same recipe, but each in its own bag. Label the outside of the bag with "CrockPot Meals". Remember to place the copy of the recipe in the bag. Paper bags with handles work best because they stand up, but any type of bag is fine. 
Deliver the bag(s) to the motel office before noon on the delivery day. 

Sign up through the link provided below and you'll get a reminder email a few days before. 
We have also provided a link to some downloadable recipes, but feel free use any recipe (doesn't have to be one of ours).
If you have corrections, suggestions or new recipe ideas we’d love to hear them! Email them to outreach@lifepointechristian.net.

Due to limited fridge space in the motel rooms, we have to use shelf stable protein and dairy, but bags of shredded cheese are fine and fresh produce is always welcome. Sending salad, carrot sticks, dessert and/or fresh fruit is encouraged, but not required. 

From His Hands is currently delivering bread to the Pineapple Inn and Howard Johnson, thanks to an ongoing contribution from Panera. When a recipe calls for spices, you may place a small amount in a ziplock baggie. Also, the Dollar Tree has inexpensive containers of some spices. The families already have basic kitchen items including: crockpot liners, a bowl, vegetable peeler, small knife, cutting board, a large spoon, measuring cups and spoons and a can opener.

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